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Enigma help organisations attract, sell, convert & delight.

Analytical thinkers who thrive on brand strategy, positioning, repositioning, identity & innovation. Our primary strengths lie in (demographic) data research to help develop insights for brands. Delivering cross-functional creative achievements in (digital) marketing plans & strategies. We explore the endless possibilities in building compelling brand visions & integrated campaigns by simultaneously combining our industry knowledge helping elevate brands!

We achieve this by getting to understand brand audiences’ up close & personal, using:

  • Frameworks in ways that make ideas simple & compelling
  • Map consumer perceptions looking for overlaps between their unmet needs & a brand’s offer
  • Collaborate with design teams by inspiring, facilitating, listening & moulding creative workflows
  • Architect digital business transformation models / ecosystems within budgets & specified timeframes
  • Manage day-to-day inquiries relating to corporate messaging, ingredient branding & co-branding
  • Develop new creative insights by blending forefront technologies to meet sales goals
  • Drive revenue through discovering, prospecting, growing & retaining business opportunities
  • Integrate data-driven analytics through brand strategy