Carolines Story




“When I first thought of completing the 8 week body transformation with Jamie, I was scared. Scared because I have never done this much exercise in my life and especially in such a short period of time, I am very nervous to start this. I really want to feel better in my own body, I want to test my limits and I want to be a better version of me. This is why I have decided to start this crazy 8 week adventure and I am looking forward to the results! I am determined to see the results every week, become stronger and look healthier as well as fitter.”

“Having someone like Jamie who believes in me and who I feel has a real interest in getting me better, has had a big impact on my decision. I trained with Jamie before and I trust he will push me very hard to achieve my goals. He is kind, very motivating and his attitude and passion for health make him a great personal trainer.”

“Looking back at the past 8 weeks, I still cannot believe what I have achieved and how much it’s changed my life. After my first week, I remember aching in places I didn’t even know could ache but I felt so good physically and mentally. Before I knew it, training 5 times a week became a routine and then a habit. The days I would not train I would miss it, which sounds unreal but is true, you become addicted and this is why I will continue training with Jamie, in Chiswick.”

“The nutritional advice paired with the workouts was changing my body shape week in, week out and I was full of energy and felt fitter with every session. After 8 weeks, I had lost weight, reduced my body fat and built lean muscle. Jamie’s training program consisted of gym workouts where I was lifting weights I never thought I would be able to and my strength improved week after week. I also enjoyed the cardio sessions where I was introduced to tabata training and CrossFit workouts, which I now really enjoy!”

“Of all the weeks, week 4 was the hardest for me as it was half way through the program and I felt mentally tired and the motivation went down. This is when Jamie was a great coach as he continued to motivate me, pushing me to reach new PB’s (personal best).”

“So many diets just tell people to eat this and eat that without any more information about why we should be eating it. Jamie doesn’t just provide you with outstanding guidance and support but also knowledge about why we should be eating certain foods and exactly what it is that they are providing our body with. I couldn’t recommend Jamie highly enough, he truly cares about his clients and I can’t thank him enough for all of his help and support.”

“Fitness and healthy eating have become a way of life. I have always struggled with confidence, often thinking of myself as the fat, ugly one of my friends but I am now a new woman and am excited to see my body changing even more as I carry on training. I already have already had some positive comments from friends and family, which are also motivating.  So if you have finished reading this and you are ready to take on an exciting life changing challenge, I would strongly recommend this 8 week body transformation package.”