Grow the value of your data

“The action or process of earning revenue from an existing asset”

Many organisations have separate acquisition and retention campaigns, they are solely focused on selling more core product(s) whether that be by attracting new consumers through traditional marketing channels or targeting consumers on an ongoing basis whether they bought first time round or not.

Here at Enigma we see things differently.

When we engage on our business monetisation projects we are looking to see what other products could be added to our clients existing customer journeys – ultimately seeing how we can deliver more revenue from the same acquisition cost.

First and foremost the value attributed to a clients ‘client’ (the customer) is based on ‘the value of the consent’, how are those consents gained, how robust are they, do they adhere to current regulatory framework in how they were collected, stored, and more importantly do they have the right permissions to be able to market to them on an ongoing basis.

By analysing the value of a consent it gives the business a true cost of acquisition.

We audit current acquisition and retention processes looking at clients existing offering, establishing whether there are improvements that can be made to the acquisition processes – this could be by streamlining the journey or adding more steps to the journey to create ‘better’ customers or by introducing new mediums to the acquisition mix.

As part of the analysis of a clients acquisition process we look at their existing offering, first establishing whether there is improvements that can be made, drawing on our collective experience in digital marketing activities, including SEO, PPC, Social, Native, Affiliate Networks, Gamification, and Incentivised surprise and delight campaigns around building customer experience.

We help our clients build a true ‘life time value’ model that extends beyond just selling more core product, but establishing what additional products could be applied by building persona’s around their consumers and then how do we mirror that with relevant products and offers to drive revenue opportunities and ultimately enhancement of the brand.