Creativity & Branding

Full application of the design process, both on and offline.

The starting point for any creative exercise is to understand your businesses core values as well as any existing brand guidelines you already have. Ensuring that new creative assets comply and align with existing assets is critical. In the event of your business not having any brand guidelines, Enigma Digital can support you with these.

In addition to the above, focusing on your specific target market, you competitors and your demographic or target audience is critical also. Further understanding of these areas plays a huge part in the creative process to support your brand and accelerate your business forward.

Creativity is specifically tailored for your business to support both online and offline applications. For example, branding or assets created can be done so in both CMYK values for physical print, and also RBG for online, ensuring that the colour, quality and clarity of assets is delivered to the highest standard.

In terms of supporting design for web, or online applications, a big part of the process which also pulls from another Enigma Digital service is that of UX (user experience). Ensuring the user who visits any of your online applications can travel and browse seamlessly is one of the biggest requirements today to ensure your online assets are built and delivered the highest expectation.