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‘Google Virtual Tours are a way to give your customers interactive access to your business on the free marketing platform that is Google Maps’

A Google virtual tour is Google Street view brought into your business. Shot by our team of professional photographers, it consists of a series of high resolution 360º images linked together and uploaded to your Google Maps business listing. These virtual tours allow customers to visit any area of your business through the screen of their computer, mobile or tablet when searching via Google maps or Google search. Unlike a lot of Google tour providers, we pride ourselves on the quality we produce employing the same techniques and equipment we use for Bespoke virtual tours ensuring our customers get the best quality available via the Google Maps Platform.

A virtual tour can benefit a business in a lot of different ways, below are the results of a study that was undertaken by Google to establish the benefits of adding a virtual tour to your online business presence.

Virtual tours help double interest in business listings

Those who view a listing with a virtual tour are twice as likely to be interested in booking a reservation there. And among 18-34 year-olds in particular, prospects are 130% morelikely to book based on a tour.

Two out of three people want more virtual tours

Among people surveyed, 67% want more business listings to have virtual tours. Of the remainder, 26% were indifferent, and 7% stated that more virtual tours were unnecessary.

Google is #1 for local search

When searching for restaurants and hotels online, 62% of people use Google.

Study details

Quantitative market research was conducted in July 2015 by an independent market research firm to understand the impact of virtual tours on increasing consumers’ interest in local businesses (specifically in booking a reservation at a hotel or restaurant).

1 // An online survey was conducted with consumers who had searched online for a restaurant or hotel within the previous 30 days (using any device).

2 // A total of 1201 respondents was collected between July 21st and August 2nd, 2015.

3 // Different Versions of a local business listing (one for a hotel, the other for a restaurant) were created to include basic info, photos and/or a virtual tour (the same media were used to create each version).

4 // Respondents were asked to view one of the different versions for each business (in a randomised order). Each respondent viewed:
• 1 hotel listing + 1 restaurant listing; and
• 1 listing with a virtual tour + 1 listing without a virtual tour.

Note: Presentation of alternate listings were randomised evenly and sonsistently throughout field.

5 // After viewing each listing, respondents were instructed to rate their interest in booking a reservation.

6 // Ratings for alternate listings (with a tour versus without) were aggregated to understand impact of virtual tours on interest in the featured business.